AT&T and Telus: HTC WP7 is Ours

Pet Shop Boys have seen some hay days: youngsters carrying around loud players and dancing to their wavy hits. These days, there are more pet shop boys-like hit makers but its no longer cool carrying your mom’s 5.1 speakers with you! Good thing the Htc7Surround is already around with its 1ghz capacity and 3.8-inch display! What more is that it’s Microsoft official WindowsPhone7! Not to forget, of course is its crisper dolby surround sound quality thru a slideout speaker!

This is actually no longer a breaking news as HTC have already announced its upcoming WindowsPhone
7 surround. The HTC 7 surround is going to be exclusive for AT&T in the United States (US) and Telus in Canada. The Wp7Launch is also expected to rock the windows phone market with its unique Dolby-powered SRS Surround Slide-out Speaker.

Aside from the slider speakers, srs surround, and wp7 launch this snapdragon is featured with, it’s lightweight and small for a Dolby mobile. It is measured at 4.7 x 2.42 x 0.51 inches. It also weighs 5.82 ounces with the battery already included. This Windows phone 7’s 3.8 inches touch screen LCD is also powered with 480 x 800 resolution. The Dolby Mobile wp7 launch surround sound speaker phone is also equipped with 8 GB internal storage and 576 MB of RAM.

Today, 7Surround is surely going to break all the expectations its market has looked forward to. With the great looks and the reputation of all those parts names backing up the configuration of the new HTC 7 phone, it will surely be a presence on dance areas.

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