Guinness-certified All-in-One ModuPhone T

Bet you didn’t have to wait long for Modu to release the tiniest ModularPhone ever—the T-phone!

The tri-band modu phone you’ve been dreaming of is finally out in the market with something new than the usual QSC6270 chipset– a cool 2.2-inch QVGA touchscreen! This gives the coolest phone in town a lot of appeal and control space than any of the competition.

This brew-based modular phone is definitely unique with all the modu mobile accessories one can think of. The result? As quoted in a press release, you can ‘camerafy’, ‘sportfy’, ‘boostify’, and ‘textify’ this ModuT-phone!

The Modu T-phone comes with a 5-megapixel shell. This accessory will allow the ModuT to slide and pronto, a point-and-shoot is on the go! An exercise armband sleeve is also included in the accessory package, giving the Modu T an easy slip-on case during a practice or workout. A slotting speaker dock / base station will also turn this ModuMobile into a sound system. Altogether, you’ll get to enjoy a surround sound effect system anywhere you go and a ready cam. Finally, a vertical QWERTY will enable it back to its original texting machine applications.

Still the Guinness-certified lightest touchscreen device in the world, the Modu t-phone is more than size and weight. It is fully retouched and accessorized to meet the demands of its prospect market. As if not enough, Modu is still in progress of another, but this time Android-base ModuW phone quoted to be the device that will go beyond what modu phones are made of.

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