1Cross Tech’s Book is a Hybrid eBook Reader

Ebook readers have already gone far when it comes to providing a paper-like experience on a handheld device. The Amazon Kindle itself made a name by giving great experience for ebook fanatics. However, a new challenger is ready to take a bite at this very lucrative market – the Book.

The 1Cross Tech ebook reader is a hybrid between an ebook reader and a mobile internet device (MID). It has an e-ink display on the left and a 3.2inch color display with touch screen and a keypad on the right. Individually, we see them in gadgets around such as existent e-readers and touch screen cellphones. But combined, it is something that hasn’t been done before.

One cool feature of having dual display on the Book is the ability to Pack and Go. This feature is called that way because you can surf the internet on the color display on the right and download all the content that you want. You can get pdf files, news articles and clippings, ebooks, etc and you can “drag” them to the left side of the Book and access them when you have time. Powered by Android, this e-reader is very versatile when it comes to customizations due to the potential development of the platform.

As for the body, it ain’t as thin as a Kindle due to the dual display mechanism. It can also look like a netbook from afar or a really big Nintendo DS. Unfortunately, there is no word yet for the price or availability of this e-reader.

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