Oggz Glow Poi for an Amazing Dance Performance

Are you familiar with OGGZ? Those egg-shaped rechargeable lights that can be used to replace your candles? Do you know that aside from providing you with romantic illumination, OGGZ offer many other uses? You can use them to decorate your house especially when there’s a party – the possibilities are endless. In fact, the OGGZ are modified to come up with a new, interesting product – Oggz Glow Poi.

This set of rechargeable LED glow poi from Fire Groove utilizes Oggz as the actual head. The Oggz undergo modification to be able to provide an amazing effect – it fades through bright red, purple, blue, and green and gives off a beautiful sequel once the colors overlap. The oggz are fastened to durable, adjustable leashes that have small eyebolts. There are also quick links that make the oggz replaceable with any other poi head.

This LED glow poi also comes with recharging base and a full charge can last more than five hours of continuous play. They have a soft outer shell that very durable. Every set includes single loop handles that are made from soft nylon webbing. The pack also contains either two single-unit chargers or one tri-unit charger.

If you’re looking for glow poi, get only those that are made by Fire Groove. This company has been providing the industry with high-quality fire dancing equipment for almost a decade now. Since the people behind this business are performers, you are assured that their products are very well designed also for performers.

Visit Amazon now and purchase Oggz Glow Poi for only $69.99

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