Hanvon SenTIP for Professional Artists

Are you a professional artist who had been looking for ways to improve the way you do your work? Now, you don’t have any reason to fret. Hanvon is now here to provide certified artists like you with a new and exciting idea to work directly on screen. Its latest contribution to the industry – the SenTIP – offers the combined benefits of Hanvon’s patented, professional pen technology with a wide-format LCD monitor. It is excellently designed to give you a totally new experience from the wonderful combination of digital and traditional methods of painting.

With the SenTIP, you can enjoy a digital workflow while getting pleasure from combining the benefits of normal hand-eye coordination and the innate pen-on-paper feel of conventional media. It features LED backlight monitor with Pen Tablet technology that offers 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity as well as 5080 lines of resolution for a better workflow. The pen is not only battery free; it is also cordless to make sure that nothing will distract you while working. Such pen boasts its outstanding pressure sensitivity that enables users to freely draw, write, or sign based on the pen’s strength, speed, and stroke sizes. It supports pressure sensitivity programs as well including Photoshop, Flash, and Photoimpact.

Furthermore, the SenTIP also comes bundled with PenWrite, PenSign, PenMark, and PenMail Software that can be used for windows only. The Penwrite software identifies user’s handwriting and translates it into text in Power Point, Excel, MS Word and other text editor while the PenSign allows user to put autograph in Microsoft Office documents. The PenMail, on the other hand, gives handwriting functions to Windows Mail and Outlook Express. And lastly, the PenMark software functions like an electronic whiteboard via a projector. It allows users to save any marks, comments, and annotations placed anywhere over the computer screen.

If you’re fascinated on this product, you can get a Hanvon Pen Tablet at Amazon .

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