Zipit Clamshell Opener

zipitI just bought a microSD memory card for my cellphone the other day. I immediately paid for it and went straight home to have it tested on my phone. As I remove it from the shopping bag, I was confronted by an old enemy. Something that has always blocked us from getting our hands on to our shiny new toy – the clamshell packaging.

The name itself brings terror to the ears. Like a shell, it is very hard to open and prying it with bear hands would be futile. In my case, I hurriedly grabbed the closest sharp edged thing that is in arm’s reach – a fork. After stabbing the packing for quite a few tries, I thought that it is really a dumb move to use a fork. I then went to the kitchen(yes, a fork is in an arm’s reach inside my room) to get a good pair of kitchen scissors thinking that it would do the job. But the packaging deities must have forsaken me as the scissors are blunt! Lastly, I used a knife and at last I have my phone ready to take up some files.

What happened to me surely have happened to you in one way or another. Having a Zipit Clamshell Opener, it would have been as easy as a hot knife on butter. All the user needs to do is to let the teeth grind the shell and voila it is already opened. It is battery powered so no need for any other force or whatsoever.

Be sure to end frustrations and get the Zipit Clamshell opener.

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