Zeppelin Mini – Small Space, Big Music

Bowers and Wilkins speakerSize doesn’t matter and that goes for the Zeppelin Mini – the smaller version of the Zeppelin all-in-one sound speaker system for iPod/iPhone, but with an equally great sound quality. Like any of their speaker system, the Zeppelin Mini is intended to be a perfect sound system; a vision shared by company’s founder John Bowers.

The exquisite form is a fusion of smooth flowing curved cabinet and the 90-degree rotating arm. Tailor-made by the award winning product designer Morten Warren and his team, the Zeppelin Mini iPod speaker’s design is a handsome and stylish addition to any home or office space. The docking arm is fashioned to maximize functionality; it is angled perfectly tapping or scrolling the iPod with ease and it can be rotated to a horizontal position.
Bowers and Wilkins iPod speaker
Inside the miniature shape of Zeppelin Mini sound system is a grand opera of components made to deliver music as it was recorded and intended to be heard. Each drive units accurately reproduce everything from the smallest frequency to the loudest bass. The Digital Signal Processing unit then brings together everything and balances them to produce a lossless sound quality; no matter how loud the music is played. Zeppelin went as far as using USB digital connection to prevent data losses from analogue to digital signal conversion. This mini speaker manages to produce astoundingly loud bass for its size, the secret lies within the Flowport technology which allows free air movement inside the speaker.

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