Zagg Z.buds Review – The Best Earbuds Available for the iPhone

zagg z.budsOne of the features of the stunning Apple iPhone is the ability to listen to music. But while Apple makes great computers and the iPhone is probably the best multi-use phone on the market, their earphones leave something to be desired. Actually, they suck. So, if you have decided not to inflict your musical choices on all around you, here’s an example of what I consider to be the best earbuds available for the iPhone – the Zagg Z.buds.

Packed with features, an eye-catching design, outstanding sound quality, and superior hardware, Z.buds are the next evolutionary step for in-ear headphones. Z.buds feature convenient in-line volume control and a premium length, tangle-free cord. The award-winning design includes multiple sliders for better cord management and greater listening convenience. And now, buyers can go for a pair of Z.buds without the inline mic and its control button – a different version to please a wider audience.

Product Summary:

The good:

A few things remain the same on both versions. Yes, regardless of whether the mic is integrated or not, all Z.buds still come with passive noise cancellation, inline volume control, a 3.5mm jack and foam and silicone buds with triple flanges that can be swapped out.

The bad:

While this new version is nearly identical to that of its cousin, it’s still not a good value when measured against its virtues: no mic and no integrated iPod controls.

Bottom line:

Given that and the mere $10 price difference, the version with the integrated mic and iPod controls is a more compelling option.

Price: You can get the Z.buds without a mic now for $60 in red, pink, yellow or black while the original microphone-equipped version can be purchased for $70 – both available at

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