CD Clinic: Because You’re no DJ


You’re no DJ so stop playing CDs that keep jumping! No one enjoys music that keeps skipping.


Well, then try replacing your music CDs for one.  Oh wait, then that means you’ll have to shell out a lot of moolah to replace all your scratched music CDs, not to mention your VCDs. Now you wonder… there must be another way.

No fear, CD Clinic is here! No need to buy yourself a new set of music and DVD collections. CD Clinic is the only tool you need save yourself from the horrible experience of music that keeps jumping and videos that keep skipping. Plus it saves you a lot of money too!

CD clinic wipes away the fingerprints  and scratches from your CDs leaving them clean and ready to use anytime, anywhere. It comes with a restoration liquid that is specially formulated to repair your CDs. Just spray the restoration liquid on the disc surface and put it in the CD Clinic. The polishing pads will work their magic to clean your CDs, so they can be read clearly and prevent them from skipping tracks.  After placing the CDs in the CD clinic, just turn the handle and voila! Your CD will be as good as new.

So spare yourself from a profession that wasn’t meant to be yours, retire from being a DJ and get yourself a CD clinic here!

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