Your Side or My Side? – Split Stick USB Drive

They say that mixing up your work and personal life is bad for business and living a double life can be very exhausting or sometimes downright frustrating. Work and home maybe two separate places but the problem is, there is only one you. Well your USB drive doesn’t have to suffer the same fate; in fact it can provide you some small means to digitally divide your personal and office life.
Split StickSplit Stick is two retractable USB flash drives molded into one double sided and slim USB stick. Each drive is 2 GB, giving the Split Stick a total of 4 GB worth of storage space from two independent flash drives. This means no more partitioning your USB drive or getting multiple memory sticks, there is just one both for “personal” use and for “office” use. You also don’t need to worry any longer about your boss accidentally seeing your personal files when you plug in your USB drive for a report or presentation.

The Split Stick is made of durable anodized aluminum body and is covered in protective rubber film for added protection. A plastic button is used to easily change between the two sides of the device. The gadget is available in different colors of orange, blue, pink, red, black, violet, grey, or green. For a limited time, the manufacturer offers customized laser etched logo or text for free. This adds quirky and cool personality to your Split Stick.

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