You can now use a spy camera that looks like a shirt button!

What are your reasons for using a spy camera?

Maybe you are doing a video news report and you do not have a cameraman to help record the interview. Or maybe you are part of the crew for a popular TV show where you pull pranks on other people and you need to hide a camera to record your victims’ reactions. More probably, you are a spy and you need to record an event that can be very strong evidence to be used for the case at hand. Whatever your reasons for purchasing a spy camera, you need a good one. When we mean good, we mean a camera that can easily be disguised but can still record videos with amazing clarity and quality.

With that said, you may find that the Button Pinhole Video Spycam is the perfect spy camera.

bef2_button_pinhold_video_spycamIts number one feature is the fact that it can be disguised as a shirt button. This doesn’ t need much hiding. There are instructions on how you can install the button spycam on your shirt so you can pretty much do the installing yourself. Other than that, there are other button designs to choose from so you can match the camera with your shirts. If the button choices still do not suit you, you can go and paint the button yourself.

Even though it is very small, it can record efficiently. The pocket-sized DVR and all the other necessary cables are in one complete kit which you can bring anywhere inside your own pocket. Also, the mini-SD digital video recorder has a 2-inch LCD viewing screen.

The spycam can record audio and video in AVI format, with 30 FPS quality.

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