You Better Rock It with Daft Punk Headphones

daft-punk-bluetooth-headphonesWhat could be seventh heaven to serious music lovers? Come on, imagine cool sound, great bass, real headbanging songs, and a swanky hot headgear that make you striking, it could mean loosening up on a whole new different level. Well, here’s good news to all music aficionados, Nokia has this new offering to your eyes and ears. What ’s so extra-special about these very creatively designed headphones? It’s inspired by Daft Punk’s Robot Rock.

Nokia set up a contest for song-inspired headset design. Clever isn’t it? I know there are a lot of headphones hanging in stores with different styles, colors, and sizes. But headphones inspired by a song, whoever thought that headsets could be considered fine art? And wait, that’s not all, the Daft Punk headphones use Bluetooth connection which means there is no pressure of managing wires looping or twisting around you.

Why not check out other Bluetooth headphones that won in the Nokia Music Almighty Headset Competition and made into real functioning headsets. Good for the Londoners as you can see these music gizmos on display at Nokia Regent Street Flagship store. Some headphones to drool are inspired by songs of Michael Jackson, Rufige Kru and R. Kelly.

In the meantime, while we’re awaiting our flight bookings to London, check out other Nokia Bluetooth headsets here.

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