Yamaha YHT-S400 Home Theater – Sounds Right, Fits Right

A condo unit, a cramped up apartment and a trailer home have one precious thing in common – space. So how do you fit a top of the line home audio system in limited area without having to hug the wall every time you move around the house? The answer is simple, great things doesn’t need to come in big packages – like the new and innovative Yamaha YHT-S400. Yamaha’s take on a two-piece home theater package is composed of an stylishly slim front speaker or sound bar and a unique receiver with an integrated sub-woofer. The sound bar measures 31 inches in length and a mere 2 inches in height. The slim profile let it perfectly sit in front of most monster TVs without blocking the view. For added flexibility, the base of the sound bar can be removed or even adjusted to accommodate a horizontal or vertical speaker position. On the other hand, the receiver with the built-in sub-woofer can be placed in a corner, the floor and a rack to save space. The YHT-S400 wouldn’t be high-end without HD Audio compatibility, that’s why it has three 1080-compatible HDMI inputs that can connect to three HDMI sources including Blu-ray disc players.

The YHT-S400 features the best of Yamaha’s audio technology. Yamaha UniVolume maintains the volume consistent among all channels, programs and sources. YHT-S400 also features Yamaha’s proprietary AIR SURROUND XTREME technology which can deliver a rich “virtual surround” experience. Finally there’s the Extended Stereo technology which makes the sound bar produce audio in a wider and optimum sound field.

More home theater packages are available here.

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