Yamaha SoundGadget and Projectphone – Hand Raising Skype Experience

PJP-25URSSkype is hype being one of the best and popular free VOIP applications out there. Like some Hollywood big shots with a personal product line, Skype also has some hot gadgets made specially to support it. To name a few, there are of course the standalone Skype videophones and Skype keyboards with built-in VOIP phones. Skype’s popularity and solid international user base eventually captured Yamaha’s attention. Yamaha then finally decided to jump into the Skype bandwagon and announced not one but two interesting Skype certified hands-free speakerphones with top notch audio input and output. The two products are the PSG-01S, dubbed as SoundGadget and the PJP-25URS also known as Projectphone.

The SoundGadget is designed for personal use with its receptive microphones and superb speakers. The PSG-01S features an automatic mode switch which uses an integrated accelerometer to detect the device’s position. Position it horizontally to function as a stereo speaker and vertically to use it as a speakerphone. The Projectphone on the other hand is a Skype tuned speakerphone specially engineered to support several users. It is ideal for office use as an effective web conference communication solution. Both Yamaha products are fine tuned with top of the line audio technologies like adaptive echo-cancellers, noise reduction, arrayed microphones, and wide band stereo speakers with surround formats.

The PSG-01S and PJP-25URS support plug and play via a USB port and can be configured to make and receive Skype calls with a touch of a button.

Enjoy a hands-free Skype experience using Yamaha PJP-25UR Mobile/Office USB Audio Conference Microphone and Speaker.

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