Yamaha MusicCast2: Music anywhere in your house

Since the release of the Sony Walkman way back, people realized that it is possible to bring music anywhere, without having to bring a large boombox. The Walkman was a hit. Then came the Mp3 players. There were a lot of companies who manufactured Mp3 players. Consumers chose their pick from their trusted brands and their favorite colors. It was 2007 (or was it 2006?) when the iPod was born. It took the world by a landslide. How portable! How fashionable! The roller wheel was an innovation. Everyone loved it.

Now, Yamaha has released one of its latest products, the MusicCast2. It is similar to the Sony Walkman, the Mp3 players, the iPods, as you can listen to music anywhere with it. It is different from them because of a couple of reasons. Number one, you can’t bring the MusicCast2 everywhere you go. The music stays in your home. Number two, as stated, you do not have to hold on to the entire MusicCast2 and press controls to listen to the next song.


It is an audio system that enables you to play music and listen to it wherever you are at your house. You can connect the Yamaha MusicCast2 with your other existing audio systems. The Commander enables the user to control basic operations through an intuitive GUI display.

Basically, it is a wireless network that lets you listen to music via WiFi. You can listen to internet radio, your iPod, music from iTunes and PC content, among others.

You can avail of this product by clicking the link below:
Yamaha MusicCAST2 MCX-RC100BL Network Music Commander 1 – Each, Black

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