XML8110 Mechless Mobile Audio iPod/iPhone Dock

Even in the higher end of the spectrum of automobile audio decks, there aren’t particularly elegant solutions to iPod and iPhone integration. Sure, a lot of audio decks have a USB slot, into which you can plug your iPhone or iPod via its syncing cable, but that means your phone or MP3 player spends most of the car ride sliding around the dashboard.xml8100If you are still looking for the perfect iPhone/iPod dock for your car, this 200-watt Dual XML8110 Mechless Mobile Audio Head deck seems to solve the problem with a great deal of ingenuity and elegance. Just push it in and it flips down to reveal a universal iPod dock, which will both charge your iPhone or iPod and let you play iTunes music through your car’s stereo. On the other side of the dock are controls for both your iPhone and the onboard AM-FM radio for additional entertainment options. There’s no CD player support, but let’s face it: if you’ve got an iPod, you’re not going to bother your folder of CDs in your car anymore, are you?ipod-dock-new-stereoThis is a great solution, and certainly beats the usual FM transmitter dongles designed to wirelessly transmit your iPod tunes to your car stereo. There’s only one issue, and it is the price: it is simply too affordable to imply quality. The Dual XML8110 Mechless Mobile Audio Head deck only sells for $99. Still, if you’re looking for a better way to hook your iPhone up to your car stereo, it might be worth a try.

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