World’s First USB 3.0 External Hard Drive from Freecom


In today’s ever expanding digital age, high definition is the next big thing. Consumers are getting more and more discerning on which looks good and which is not as fueled by marketing hypes of various electronics manufacturers. With this trend in the quality and type of multimedia, their file sizes are also getting bigger and bigger.

Remember the days when a 250GB hard drive is more than sufficient? It is like a minimum now as hard drives are pushing for greater capacities as consumers want to have more space. But data transfer rate seems not to cope up with the increasing size of data and Solid State Drives that offer fast data rates but are still quite expensive. Now, every gadget geek’s best friend called the USB is here to save us with its next generation brother called USB 3.0 now enabled by Freecom in its latest External Hard Drive.

Using this USB 3.0 technology, Freecom’s XS 3.0 external hard drive is now capable of transferring at blazing data speeds of 130MB/s as compared to USB 2.0’s 60MB/s which is more than half the speed of USB 3.0. This allows professional and home users to back-up data, transfer music, movies, pictures and documents in seconds and not minutes. Imagine transferring a 5GB movie file in just 38 seconds, it is really fast! With capacities up to 2TB, it can approximately hold 1.3million photos, 400,000 MP3s, 400 full DVDs or 200 movies.

It is estimated that by 2012, 70% of USB devices will be 3.0 enabled so this hard drive is future proof. But if you are not yet ready to jump into the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 generation, you can still grab other Freecom External Hard Drives at Amazon.

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