Wireless USB Digital Microscope

microscopeDo you know that worlds exist in our planet? Worlds that are vast, and are diverse that they are invisible to the naked eye. What I am talking about is the world of the microscopic particles. Sure we know them from our science books when we were in grade school but seeing them first hand is a whole new perspective.

The view that we see today is like the macroscopic view of things. The way we see things is at the whole but looking into particulars will see what things really say about things around us and the USB Digital Microscope will be a good tool and since it is USB powered (and we know how geeks like us are USB hub prepared), power connection is very much accessible. Magnification ranges from 20x to as much as 200x to allow you to see what intricate detail a money is made of to how much particles and micro scratches you have on your iPhone’s screen. And with the wireless function of up to 2 meters, you are free from any entanglements and inconvenience wires can bring. You don’t need to worry about the batteries since each comes with built-in lithium ion batteries that are recharged every time it is plugged into the base station.

The wireless capability of this microscope is really cool and would be perfect for inspection of fine details for electronics, jewelries, quality control, teaching and learning or just for the fun of peeking into the small worlds that exist in our own. Get yours at ThinkGeek.com.

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