Wii Classic Controller

Do you miss those button-mashing days of the Nintendo Entertainment System? Wish you could relive those moments instead of swinging around your Wiimote and Nunchuck? All hail Nintendo for recognizing the retrogamer in all of us. They just recently unveiled their classic controller for the Nintendo Wii. For the SNES and 64 games, they have the Wii Classic Controller Pro.


Now why, praytell, would you need an old-school console controller if you’re swinging virtual racquets on a CG court? Well, for the benefit of Wii-n00bs, the Wii actually acts as a Virtual Console. This means you can download classic Nintendo games — NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, GBA. You can even get a couple of games from past competitors like Sega.

So, if you’re taking Sonic the Hedgehog for a little spin in 32-bit, the Wiimote won’t quite cut it. There’s a slight fluke here though. If you stick a GameCube CD on the Wii, your classic controller won’t run.

But apart from that, this is a great way to relive 80’s gaming on a seventh generation console. So plug in that Wii classic controller, and attack those invading aliens in space.

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