When Safety is Your Priority, Go FlareSafe!

FlaresafeLike the UFO, Lochness Monster and Boogeyman, there is no such thing as too safe. We only get one shot at life and we want it to be as safe and pain free as it can get. When traveling outdoors, there is no better safety equipment than forethought, knowledge and the new 3 in 1 FlareSafe. Since safety is our primary concern, the designers of Flaresafe took it upon themselves to combine a powerful LED flashlight, smoke detector and SOS distress alarm.

If you’ve been watching survival guides and other shows on surviving the great outdoors, you’ll realize that the important thing is to get help and get rescued. This device has 3 features essential to safety and getting rescued. The torch four LED lights features three settings, one for full beam, half beam and strobe. This ultra bright flashlight has a 20m focused beam visible for 2km. The optical smoke detector serves as a loud 90db fire alarm at 3m. If a smoke is detected, this survival gadget will automatically sound the alarm and turn on the torch. Finally the distress signal, 110 db of attention hungry noise that can be heard 500m away for over 60 hours.
LED torch
The FlareSafe is made to survive with its military grade plastics and IPX6 rating. This means that this torch is water resistant to some extent like powerful sprays of water. FlareSafe uses 2 AA batteries and a lithium CR123A (3v) battery.

Visit this website to get FlareSafe – your newly must-have safety gear.

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