Western Digital Caviar Green 2TB Hard Drive


Just a few years ago, I was building my own PC rig and one of the things that I didn’t consider was the hard disk drive. I thought that the 80GB capacity would be fine and would last me a couple of years. But now, after a barrage of music, games, videos, and documents, my hard disk drive is almost full to the brim.

Some might say that 2TB (terabytes) of capacity is an overkill while some say this is forward thinking. I personally think that owning a 2TB hard drive is a sound decision. Look, be it video files or pictures, going HD is the way to go and that would mean eating a lot of space on your hard drive. For example, a Blu Ray movie usually is around 7GB in size and storing it in a 160GB hard drive would really take up a lot of space. However in a 2TB one, it would almost be negligible.

As a member of the Green hard disk drive family, it consumes less power as compared to a regular hard drive thanks to its IntelliSeek feature. Also, it has StableTrac techonology that secures the motor shaft to reduce vibration of the hard drive that would mean a more silent operation.

This 2TB mammoth storage device will cost you $299 at selected distributors but you can get a 1TB version through Amazon.com(link below) at a tempting price of just around $100.

Western Digital 1TB

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