WebWatcher – Your Personal Office Reconnaissance

Unless you own a company on a primitive isolated backwater island in the middle of some shark infested Pacific water, chances are your office and employees have access to high speed internet. Although internet access is indispensable in modern work places especially as a communication channel, it is also a well known fact that it is prone to abuses that may prove liable and potentially embarrassing to the company. Such abuses like access to non-work related websites, gaming, chatting and doing excessive personal businesses will cost companies substantial amount in financial losses.
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Reduce your losses and protect your assets by keeping an eye on your employees with the WebWatcher Computer Monitoring Software. In the office, their business is your business. With the WebWatcher’s proven invisibility technology, you can monitor them as virtually close as a breath’s width on their neck without setting off their spider sense.

WebWatcher will let you monitor and log anything and everything done on a PC including e-mails sent and received, IM conversations, web pages accessed and for how long, and even keystrokes. You can also capture screen shots to have a visual on what they are doing. For added security, you can set alarms when “alert words” are used in communications. Take complete control of your business because WebWatcher can block inappropriate “websites” and can limit access to different applications. This office monitoring overlord can be remotely accessed, controlled and installed on multiple PC’s.

Follow this link for more on how WebWatcher can help you monitor and control your business.

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