Wave of Light Dolphin – Dolphin Power!

Dolphins are one of the oceans’ most intelligent marine mammals and also one of the friendliest (except if you are a tuna, dolphin edible fish or a squid, which in case swim for your life.) Their playful and curious demeanor made them admired in pop culture. They are so popular that they made it into a movie and a video fame, sharing the same limelight with their cousins Moby Dick and Keiko. Of course, who can forget Flipper or Ecco the Dolphin? Whether dolphins are gracefully swimming in the open waters or performing in a marine mammal park, they are definitely a marvel to look at.Wave of Light Dolphin
But keeping a dolphin in your backyard will raise some legal issues and a few visits from PETA. Fortunately, Delphinidae lovers can always settle for a Wave of Light Animatronic Dolphin. Enjoy the grace and calming presence of a dolphin in the comfort of your own room. This miniature dolphin can put on a mesmerizing and hypnotic show using light, sound and animation effects. The intricate animation is moved by twenty slivers that emulate the slow elegant movement of a swimming dolphin.

This soothing animatronic gadget has three modes; there is the Sound and Movement Mode for bright environments. There is also plain Movement mode and the Movement, Sound and Light Mode to enjoy a dark spectacle. The Wave of Light Dolphin can be set to automatically turn off after half an hour or an hour with its built-in Sleep Timer.

Interested? Purchase it only here.

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