Waterbuoy – You Gadget’s Lifesaver

waterbuoyIt can be nice to sail in a catamaran enjoying the cool wind breeze while basking in the sun to get that perfect sun kissed look. Of course you should wear as little as you can so that you don’t get nasty tan lines that is more prominent that the division of North and South Korea leaving you without pockets. So there, you entrust all of your cellphone, digital camera, keys etc on a water proof bag that you bought just for this event. But when sudden turn of events strike and that water proof bag falls into the sea, your doomed. Yeah it is water proof but for sure it already sank or can’t be seen in vast body of water.

The Waterbuoy acts like a little Baywatch team for your gadgets. Like a real buoy, it floats in water with a bright orange balloon making it easy to spot. However, this thing works just like a keychain making it easy to attach anything that should be protected in case it falls on to the sea. Just connect it on to the carabiner clip of your waterproof gadget bag and it is set to be safe. Waterbuoy works when it falls under water, then reacting to it thereby releasing a balloon capable to floating with a 1kg load. In case of night period, the built-in LED device can work for up to 24 hours and is visible from over 800 feet!

This gadget is definitely perfect for sailors, windsurfers and boating buffs. Get yours at Firebox.com.

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