Watch your Favorite TV shows anywhere with the Portable Digital TV

portable tvPortable TVs have gained significantly in popularity over the years. Early portable TVs were clunky, received poor reception and were usually black and white. Now, portable TVs range from 2.5 to 9-inch screens and frequently used the latest LCD technology. And if before, portable TVs had its place on the kitchen counter only, now, they’re all over – just like this Portable Digital TV.

This portable digital TV allows you to watch your favorite shows wherever you are. This 4.3-inch media player features a built-in DVB-T receiver so you can watch digital Freeview wherever you may travel. Brilliant, eh? Fuzzy reception and crummy channel choice are also a thing of the past – thanks to the included TV tuner. So, who says you can’t take your television with you?

On the side, you will also find a mini SD card slot that allows you to use the device as an MP4 video player, or use it for MP3’s and images – if in case you’re tired of its Freeview channels. This cool gadget even acts as a digital radio and it has touch sensitive controls. The rechargeable battery provides up to 3.5 hours viewing time in TV mode or 7.5 hours in video mode, while you’ll get a whopping 42.5 hours if you’ll just listen to music.portable digital TVThis Portable Digital TV is available from Firebox.

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