Wassup Speaker – An Egg-Shaped Speaker that Dances to the Beat

There is never a shortage of portable speakers and they come in just about every shape, design, and size you could possibly imagine. All of them aren’t exactly designed to be hyperactive though. Well, here’s a speaker that would surely appeal to anyone who has grown tired of the way many speakers do. It’s called Wassup. It’s a speaker shaped like an egg, with ears and legs, and comes with 3 play modes: music mode, sensor mode, and standalone mode. dancing speaker

Set it to Standalone Mode, to Sensor Mode, or to Music Mode, and Wassup does its thing – kicking its legs up, waving its ears, and spinning in circles. Set Wassup to Standalone Mode, hit the go button and watch it as it dances to the built-in songs. In Sensor Mode, you can just place it near any sound source and it will respond to the sound. Put a stereo in front of it, sing, clap, yell, or make any kind of noise and it will start doing a dance.

In Music Mode, Wassup becomes a speaker for your music. Just connect your iPod, MP3 player, CD player and Wassup will dance to the beat. You can even plug Wassup into your computer, feed it some music from there and it will move and groove to the beat of your tunes.

This dancing thingy can now be purchased for £9.99 at Gadgetshop.

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