Wasabi PZ310: Your Magic Printer from Dell


We all know that taking pictures in the digital age is very easy and can be done in a few seconds thanks to the ever handy digital cameras. Printing it on the other hand is a different story. Going to a photo shop is the best way to have your pictures printed since they are relatively cheaper. Printing at home could be convenient but cost is the issue since most printer inks are quite expensive. Portability is also an issue since portable printers rely on inks and sometimes cannot give justice to great pictures that you have taken

The PZ310 is different from any the usual portable photo printing devices available in the market. For one, it is ink free! Yes, you saw it right, ink free! This is because of the Zero Ink or ZINK techonology. This Zero Ink technology is embedded in the paper and this special printer activates the crystals in the paper to give rich and vibrant images. Zero Ink paper are designed to resist humidity and sun light that can damage pictures. It also has an adhesive backing for easy sticking on anywhere you want and is semi glossy on the photo side. Photo output is rated at 55 seconds each and the printer can hold a maximum of 12 sheets.

Portability is also its major selling point since it is just 4.8×2.8×0.9 inches and weighs 225g with the battery. The battery lasts for up to 15 prints and can be recharged easily with the included power cord.

The PZ310 is available in Gray, Blue or Pink and is currently being sold for $99, but the regular price is $149.

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