Wall of Sound iPod Speaker – Loud and Proud

wall of soundIf you happen to remember the movie The Italian Job (2003), one of the ending scenes involves Lyle (the 1337 haxxor cheated out of Napster development) blowing the clothes off a fine female using a wall of powerful super speakers. The off the clothes part is theoretically impossible but the super speakers aren’t. Meet the perfect contrast to your iPod’s petite and portable design, the 3 feet tall and 4 feet wide Wall of Sound speakers.

Straight from Stockholm, Sweden, this speaker was finely handcrafted and tuned by Brothers Company to provide “graceful mids and crystal clear highs”. This humongous sound system puts the X in the extreme iPod speaker’s category. When you thought iPods are for sissies, think again – the WoS is meant to be experienced loud. Not broken loud but clean and crisp loud that only the Wall of Sound’s 125 watt tube amplifier can offer. Brace your eardrums for the speaker’s 40 Hz – 20,000 kHz frequency response and max loudness of 95dB. It may not rip people’s clothes off like in the movie but it can definitely raise the roof of any party any time.

If you want one for the Holidays, save up early or pray for a big payout because The Wall of Sound has a hefty price tag of $4, XXX.00. Given the dimension and the 102kg weight, you better hope that it comes with free shipping.

Now, if living out loud is not your thing, you can always settle for these iPod speakers.

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