Wake up with Awareness through this Global Warming Mug

global warming mugWaking up wouldn’t ever be the same again! Say hello to mornings with global warming awareness as you pour your coffee or tea on the Global Warming Mug.

The Global Warming Mug from Firebox.com is an innovative way of making coffee drinkers and the like aware of how the ice caps in the Arctic are melting and the lands in the world are sinking. As the user pours a hot drink on the mug, the temperature sensitive mug “feels” the heat. This makes the lands sink underwater as the oceans expand and the ice caps melt showing a very stark image of the world in the future if things do not change.

This is a perfect tool for information dissemination for people who drink their coffee before driving off to work. I know it can be quite harsh as every hard acceleration or brake can give a dose of guilt on the driver but it is the truth that cars are huge contributors to the every increasing threat of global warming.

Aside for educating the older people, this is also a great tool to educate the younger generation of what they will face when they grow up. As they get their hot coco on this mug, they will ask their parents why is their country fading away and thus explaining to them what global warming is.

Whew! This article is as serious as global warming is!

See the Global Warming Mug in action at Firebox.com.

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