Wake Up Naturally and Peacefully with iWakeUp Sunrise Clock

Struggling to wake up in the dark winter mornings? Do you find that an obnoxiously loud and annoying alarm clock wakes you up in a bad mood? It can’t be healthy to be blasted awake every day, so the clever folks behind the iWake-Up Sunrise Clock have come up with an ingenious method of making sure we wake up naturally, peacefully and in such a way that, whilst not quite bursting into song, we at least feel more prepared to face the day.iwake-up-sunrise-clock_mainThe i-WakeUp Sunrise Clock is a dawn simulator, a special kind of alarm clock that uses gentle light to wake you up naturally without the usual disturbing sounds of a blaring alarm. It would turn on 30 minutes prior to your desired wake-up time and gradually increases illumination with 300-lux light to simulate natural sunrise, leaving you more refreshed and relaxed, ready to start the day.

If you feel like an extra few minutes in bed then there’s no need to fumble around – thanks to motion snooze function. By a hand wave in front of the big LCD clock display, users can switch on and off the snooze. And for those craving a more traditional waking up experience, there is a digital radio and the option of beeping alarm. Even the beep alarm is relaxing – a crescendo of beeps will break your sleep rather than an immediately-shrill blare of noise. You can even set the clock to wake you up with natural sounds like birdsong. This iWakeUp Sunrise Clock can also be used as a normal bedside lamp and features line-in function for connecting externals components like iPods.

Begin your day gently and soothingly using iWakeUp Sunrise Clock!

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