VW Breathe is a Car and a Private Delivery Service at the Same Time

breatheThe green thing to do nowadays is to carpool or just ditch the car altogether and ride the commuter bus or subway. However, car companies resent this idea for now because it would mean lower car sales where they get most of their dough. But looking at auto shows and concept cars, the trend is personal transportation that is light, quick, easy to use, and not to mention environment friendly. For sure, rebuilding the concept of a car is better than compressing ourselves to old clunkers.

Take for example the Volkswagen Breathe with the 2038 year in mind. This concept car is compact and suited for personal transport with only two-passenger capacity with the driver included. The Breathe transforms from a car to a private delivery vehicle that is controlled thru a cellphone. Let’s say for example you need to buy some groceries, you just instruct your car to go to the supermarket and pick up things that you have shopped right in your mobile phone. Then the car goes back to you with your groceries safely stored in its compartment. You might now ask though how this car drives on its own? It does this by using a GPS auto-drive system that connects with different cars to efficiently manage traffic among the car themselves for efficient movement.

The Breathe also has different nifty features such as ambient lighting for efficient light management, light emitting gels that line the vehicle for signals, and three different transformation modes namely cruise commuter mode for short city trips, speed commuter mode for a long drive, and the delivery mode.

Talking about all these just made my Mitsubishi feel low-tech.

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