Vuzix iWear

p2029_mainJust looking those huge HDTVs and the like over at Amazon make me say how I wish I have them sitting at my room. The steep price was always the factor for getting those gigantic screens but not anymore. The Vuzix iWear is like a wearable entertainment system.

The two OLED display looks like a 52″ LED TV when worn! It uses an optical illusion of watching a gigantic screen a few feet away by having the screen recessed into the frame. Those 2 screens has 1,000:1 contrast ratio making the picture vivid and makes black look like real black. Moreover, there is an included pair of earphones to complete your viewing experience. The earphones are also detachable so that you could use your expensive brand name in ear boom boxes to bring the sounds up a notch.

The iWear is designed for portable DVD players and as the name implies, iPods. iWear can connect to the existing line of iPods from the 1st Generation iPod Nano to the latest iPhone in the market. Digital cameras, televisions and other devices with TV out capability can also be used.

Not only for movies but also for gaming! The iWear can also be used for a variety of games that would simulate the real world environment. First person shooter gamers would definitely love the iWear since a panning your head left and right would also move the in game player’s perspective left and right making the experience as real as it gets. On the downside, panning left and right might easily tire you away so sticking to keyboard controls might still be your thing but it is cool nonetheless.

Experience bigger screen without the big price here

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