Volkswagen L1 Concept Car

Concept cars never fail to excite people. Having these every now and then makes us see what’s in store for us in the near future. Whether cars of the future are getting personal and for single user only or it could be getting bigger and bigger and heading towards mass public transportation for better economy. Well, whichever it could be, the L1 concept car from Volkswagen definitely is for the former.

db2009au01460_medium_optThe L1 was built with a central concept of efficiency. It is actually touted as the one liter car since it can run on a liter of gasoline for around 100km or 62 miles. That will equate to about 240mpg which would be a heaven for every driver! This efficiency comes with the price of being able to just accommodate the driver and a passenger sitting on the back just like a pilot having a co-pilot on his back. The design is much of a sleek and modern bullet and is low, long and quite slim.

The whole car just weighs 838 pounds thanks to the carbon fiber construct that the body has allowing little weight with maximum strength. The prototype was actually available already in 2002 and was driven by the general manager of VW when he went to the shareholders’ meeting. Now, VW said that the L1 is close to production and is expected to be getting out of the factories by 2013.

Until then, the our best choice for fuel economy would be through the use of hybrid cars. Browse over them at Blitzerz.

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