Voice Recognition Lock N Safe

For some, having a safety box in their homes may not seem necessary. But for those who constantly lose something of extraordinary value such as their college ring, their coin collection, and bank notes, they know exactly the importance of having a security safe in their homes. So, if you think you own something that you know would upset you if you lost it forever, then you better consider getting some sort of safe box to secure that item. There are various types of safe box available these days. And if you think only the rich can have any of these items, think again. Because here’s one novelty safe that is simply made for everyone’s saving and securing mission – and that is the Voice Recognition Lock ‘N’ Safe.

Voice_recognition_lock_n_safeThe Voice Recognition Lock ‘N’ Safe is just like the typical safe, only techie and more secured. Why? Because it can only be opened by a 4-digit pin code or a voice recognition password or both. So you see, this one is really tightly secured because it is not only protected with one password but with two. The first one is a code that you can choose. It should be four digits and be entered on the keypad. While the second one is a word spoken only by you. Cool, eh! You can program this one so that the safe recognizes your voice when you try to access it. Now, in order to reveal your cherished possessions, the Lock ‘N’ Safe should be able to recognize not only your voice but also the secret 4-digit code. And know what? This even features sound and illuminating effects when the door opens. Really super cool for something as techie as this.

But aside from storing valuable items, this Voice Recognition Lock ‘N’ Safe can also be used in keeping coins. It has a built-in LCD clock and money bank slot that recognizes coins and keeps a running total of one’s savings. So, this also makes a perfect gadget gift for your kids who just love the thought of saving a penny a day. With this safe box, you don’t only help them secure their money but also teach them the importance of saving. That makes hitting two birds with one stone, right?

Get the Voice Recognition Lock N Safe for only £29.99 now!

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