Voice Activated Crib Light Promises to Pacify Your Baby to Sleep

voice activated crib light_hero_lgYou’ve fed him, changed him and played with him, and now your baby is starting to rub his eyes and yawn. But when you put him down in his bed, he just cries. How can you send him on his way to dreamland, gently?

Since each baby is unique, it can take some trial and error to figure out the best approach to soothing your child to sleep. It might be a wind-up baby swing or a gently rocking cradle; a long walk with the stroller bouncing over bumpy sidewalks or a late-night car ride. All these though, will take about half an hour or even longer than that. Good thing, technology is on your side. Now, the light of your life has a better way to be lulled back to sleep. Thanks to the Voice Activated Crib Light.

c733_voice_activated_crib_lightSoothing womb sounds and three colored lights cycle on for 10 minutes the moment it hears your baby cry. They are the perfect combination to ease your baby into slumberland [which means you can get back to sleep, too]. And the lights are just the right brightness for night-time checking or diaper changing. It comes with adjustable straps that are easy to attach to most standard size crib rails and can also sit on any flat surface.

The Munchkin Voice Activated Crib Light is such a soothing sleeping aid for infants. It just needs four AA batteries to work and it just costs $12.99. So, get yours now!

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