Visit Them Often with Vizit Digital Photo Frame

From printed pictures displayed in a photo frame to digital images loaded of course to digital photo frame (if adding to the electricity bill won’t much bother you), photo mania is obviously in the new trend. Slideshow kinda amazes you; well much more if digital frame can receive, send, share, or even build a community of your loved ones – all with just the move of your finger.
Vizit digital frameNo other digital frames can do that, which makes Vizit the first ever Isabella product to even more modernize the digital photo age. Being miles away is not an excuse not to witness special occasions since you can send photos of the event and the recipient automatically receives it. Aside from its large graphic icons and carousel designed menu, any age group will surely find this device easy to use including its built-in image tagging, deleting/forwarding photos, and simple set-up. You just plug it in and once you turn it on, it is ready to accept or share pictures. It can receive photos from mobile phone, e-mail, computer and any other online photo management sites. Uploading or replacing images does not require any PC connection, memory cards or camera cables. Additionally, the Vizit Widget would offer easy dragging and dropping of pictures onto this widget application.

Vizit also features large and clear LCD screen with 10.4 in. high-resolution. The dimension of 10.95” wide x 7.28” high x .65” deep is perfect either wall-mounted or placed horizontally on your table. Available colors are Silver Finish with White Accent, Silver Finish with Teak Accent, Charcoal Finish with Black Accent and Charcoal Finish with Rosewood Accent.

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