Vinturi Wine Aerator: For Great Tasting Wine Without the Wait

Originally, wine was thought to be a drink for the wealthy and sophisticated people only. But nowadays, people from all walks of life can enjoy a glass of red wine and white wine. Some families even consider it as part of their everyday meals. While a few sip a glass or two because of the health benefits that go with it. Now, if you are among them, then perhaps you already know that to truly enjoy the taste of wine, you have to let it breathe for 30 minutes or less after decanting it. But 30 minutes can be such a long wait, especially for one who has a very busy lifestyle. So, to enjoy the taste of wine even during the first sip, you need the Vinturi Wine Aerator.

vinturi_wine_aeratorThe Vinturi Wine Aerator is the fastest and most effective way to aerate your white wine or red wine, making it taste really fantastic even from the first sip. If you’re still leaving your uncorked bottle of wine over the kitchen counter for few minutes or letting it breath after pouring it over your glass or decanter, well it’s high time you get this amazing gadget. How to use it? First, hold it over your glass and pour wine into the top, which will be filtered through the gizmo. During this process, the wine takes in the proper amount of air to awaken all the lovely aromas and flavors. Now, try to taste it. The first sip is simply amazing, without the bitter after taste but with all the exciting flavors.

So, why wait if you can enjoy a great tasting red wine or white wine right after decanting? Buy the Vinturi Red & White Wine Essential Aerator Decanting 2pc Set now!

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