Viliv X70 UMPC – Surf the Web in Style

Surfing the web is just like riding the Hawaiian waves, it’s not just the water, the surfer and of course the wipe out but the gears as well. If there are the cool ways of surfing the sea, there are also cool ways to surf the net and the Viliv X70 UMPC is your kick ass board. Even just sporting half the size of the CrunchPad, this web tablet is no pushover because it can do more, much more than simple web browsing and media playback.

Viliv X70

The Viliv X70 web tablet is powered by a 1.33GHz Intel Atom processor and a sibling of the Viliv S5. The X70’s features though will put the S5 in one tough sibling rivalry. Beginning with the display, the X70 has a larger screen size of 7 inches as compared to S5’s 4.8 inches. This makes viewing and navigating web pages easier. The X70 is also thinner than its sibling but still managed to incorporate a webcam for video calls.

One of the finest features of this web tablet is its 32Gig Solid State Drive or SSD. SSD is lighter, more energy efficient, more stable and undeniably faster that the convenient hard disk drive. This makes resuming from stand by merely seconds and gives an overall boost to the device’s performance. No words on the official price yet but you can check here for more updates and information on similar gadgets or other web tablets.

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