Viliv X70 Atom


After showing everybody that tablet notebooks can be netbooks too and even make it gorgeous with their S7, Viliv again has another portable computer up their sleeves.

The Viliv X70 Atom is a full touchscreen Mobile Internet Device (MID) that is designed to be in between work and play. This MID runs on the relatively slower 1.33GHz Intel Atom processor as compared to the S7. The screen of the X70 is a 7 inch superfine touch LCD display that has a screen ratio of 1024×600 which is a good resolution for a 7″ screen, even better than Asus Eee’s 800×600. 1GB of memory is factory installed though upgrade options is not clear. An optional 8/16GB solid state drive storage is offered but if space is a factor, then go for the 30/60GB option of hard disk drive. Connectivity options include WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, and WiMax;HSDPA. Of course, the basic mic, USB ports, and a SD/SDHC card slot is included.

Like the Viliv S7, the X70 also has an outstanding battery life of 6 hours on video which is a huge plus for this device. Also, take note that the opertaing system is an option between Linux and Windows XP. Whichever you choose, it seems that Viliv made some user interface enhancements allowing users to easily run applications on the X70 as shown by the large, finger-friendly icons on the screen.

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