Viliv S5 Premium: Mobility is Key

Smartphones, notebooks, netbooks, PDAs, tablet PCs — there’s one thing that all these have in common, and that’s their focus on mobility. Every new mobile device tries to cram in as much features as they can. Seems to me that their running goal is to keep you out of the office. Well here’s one player that will certainly succeed in that. The Viliv S5 Premium is an MID – Mobile Internet Device. Or if you prefer, you can call it the UMPC – Ultra Mobile PC. So many names for something that’s very small.


The Viliv S5 Premium boasts of 60GB of space, that’s even more than the average office clerk’s working PC. Connectivity won’t be a problem coz it has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS. And it has a 4.8-inch haptics screen.

A what-tics screen?

It means that it’s not just a touch-screen, the screen touches back. Believe you me, this makes for easier navigation. You can find out more about haptics right here.

But I digress…

The Viliv S5 Premium is slim, compact, and runs on Windows XP Home. So don’t leave home without it.

You can find some real good deals on the Viliv S5 Premium right here.

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  1. Mobility to go online is in your pocket and that’s true with the pocketsurfer, what amazes me is the speed to load web pages, yet giving the real web which I haven’t experienced with n number of PDAs that I have tried so far. Its uniqueness is portability, speed and it’s very affordable, you don’t have to think of any contracts with service providers as it included with the pocketsurfer.

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