Vexia Econav 380 and 480

Owning a GPS before was more of a luxury because it is quite expensive and has insufficient function due to the limited maps and functions available. Now, it is very useful since you can know how far you are from a location that you don’t know, the direction going there, and knowing the best route among them. This all sum up to being a more intelligent driver that will lead to safe and efficient driving; saving time, money and the environment,  too.

Take a look at the Vexia Econav 380 and 480. These car GPS have functions that are optimized for efficient and safe driving. First, the Econav makes driving more efficient by letting you know the best route to the location, information about inefficient gear shifts that you made, improper acceleration, and inadequate of braking. Safer driving because the Econav tells you whether there are radars in place that monitor speed and the safe following distance. Setting up the Econav is very easy. You just have to select your car from the list in the menu that cover 70 car makes and 6,000 models; then the Econav automatically configures itself according to the car’s specifications. In the event that you don’t find your car from the list, you just have to input your car’s characteristics within the designated parameters.

While the Econav is designed for use within Europe, you can get a number of known brands at Amazon, compatible here in the US and does fairly the same job.

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