Very Small SQ28m Camera from Japan

17674851Ahh Japan. The ultimate geek’s country of desire. They’ve got the tech and the brains to push the limits even further and the cuteness to boot. The latest thing to hit the nation isn’t a Godzilla or a similarly themed attack but a rather small keychain camera that does simple picture taking and video capture.

The pocket digital camera does the opposite of the trend for cameras to have better megapixel count, functions and added features. It is a simple compact camera that can cling on your bag’s zipper or mix with your keys. It measures 53x23x19mm which makes it the world’s smallest digital camera. This little shooter has 4 modes namely normal, vivid, monochrome, and noise. Normal mode shoots pictures as they are, vivid gives pictures greater color intensity making images pop, monochrome takes black and white photos, and noise add distortion to pictures.

All the shooting modes are perfect for different settings when your creative juices start flowing. Videos are taken at 8 frames per second which pale in comparison against 30 fps cameras that come nowadays. But the thing with this 8fps shooting mode makes videos look as if they were taken on an 8mm film camera way back in the 60s.

home_img_01This pocket camera has a built lithium battery that can last 250 shots. It is connected through the USB port which also charges the battery. There is 64mb of flash memory on board but can be expanded with a microSD card.

Back to reality and this thing isn’t going to reach our shores anytime soon. But you can get a keychain digital camera here at Amazon.

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