Veho VFS-002 Slide and Negative Scanner – Compatible with Mac or PC

digitalphotoscannerIf you are thinking about converting your negative slides and films, particularly those in 35mm format and 110 Instamatic, to beautiful digital images, probably the first thing that comes to your mind is to bring them to your nearest local photoshop. True, they can very much convert those negative slides and films into digital stills, and even do some enhancing and editing to make them look more fascinating. But, that of course will cost you much, especially if you have lots of films and negative slides that you would want to convert. Now, to save money and time, better get yourself this Veho VFS-002 Slide & Negative Scanner for 35mm & 110 Instamatic Negs on Mac or PC.

The Veho Negative Scanner is a dedicated film scanner that is specifically designed for the similar job that a traditional scanner does, but only with the ability to transfer films and negative slides and 110 Instamatic negatives onto your Mac/PC/Notebook and convert them to digital images without so much fuss. Once transferred to your computer, they are now ready for editing, archiving, and printing. That easy!

And here’s more! This negative scanner from Veho does not require any software installation; simply plug and play it, and voila – you have all those old pictures back to life. Why keep storing those negatives if you can turn them into digital images this easy? Restore all those cherished moments and memories with this Veho VFS-002 Slide & Negative Scanner for 35mm & 110 Instamatic Negs on Mac or PC now!

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