Veho USB Microscope – Explore the World of Mini’s

You may not be Dexter the Boy Genius in your science class when you were in primary or secondary school, but you must admit, it’s pretty fun to see things behind a microscope. Even mundane things like tissue paper, dandruff or even a strand of hair looks interesting when seen thru a microscope. Great minds like Albert Einstein, Dr. Bruce Banner, Peter Parker, Dr. Reed Richards and evil Russian scientists must have in one point of their lives looked upon a microscope and said to themselves “I’m going to be a man of science!”
You may not have the same epiphany but looking at the microscopic world is still fun nonetheless, especially if you are using the new Veho USB microscope. This USB powered magnifying marvel comes in two models with CMOS lens, the regular VMS-001 and the deluxe VMS-004. The VMS-001 has a magnification of 20 – 200x with digital zoom in 640×480 view and comes in 1.3 megapixel. The deluxe version has a higher magnification of 20 – 400x and comes in 2.0 megapixel. Both models have a focus range of 10mm to infinity and an integrated 4 LED light to get a better and clearer picture even in low light environment or viewing dark objects. You can even record items being viewed in video AVI format with a maximum resolution of 1280×960.

The microscope itself is incredibly light and handy, just remove the arm cradle and you have a pen type microscope. Capture software is already included in the package. So if you want to experience using microscope even at home or any time you wanted to, get your own Veho USB Microscope here.

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