Valentine’s Gift: Miracle Berry Fruit Tablets


Before we start, these tablets aren’t the miracle tablets that would give geeks the ultimate courage to ask the girl for a date during the Valentines.

These tablets aren’t really mystical, nor did they come down from the heavens. The source of these are from the plant called Miracle Fruit. This miracle fruit has a glycoprotein molecule called miraculin. This miraculin ingredient from the fruit can make any sour, bitter, spicy etc. tasting food into a sweet tasting one. An example would be beer tasting like chocolate, and a lemon tasting like candies. Miracle Fruits cannot be grown everywhere and it can’t be cooked since that will make miraculin evaporate. So good thing that we can experience it in a very convenient tablet form.

The most obvious use that I can think of for these tablets is when you cook something for your date, and it turns out to taste bad. Simply slip this pill in her mouth (creativity required here) and your food will taste exactly how it should be – sweet.

Be careful though, the taste is the only thing that these tablets can alter, so ingesting bad food can still do some harm. You can get this neat item at for just $15.

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