Valentines Gift: Flu Fleur


Been thinking on what flower to give for your special someone this Valentine’s day? Why not keep it simple, easy and especially geeky with this electronic flower called Flu Fleur.

This Flu Fleur flower is something that you could put on your desk and still be there for months to come. No need for extra caring like sprinkling it with water, transferring to a new pot, placing it on the window sill or having someone to take care of it while you’re on a trip. All it needs is an AAA battery that could last for a couple of months depending on its activity. The interactive part here is that the petals actually move whenever it detects a sound and the LED lights up too which gives it a subtle glow that makes you just say “awwww”.

Of course, we all know that giving real flowers is still the best way to do it or you might not hear from her ever again. But then again, this would still be a great accompaniment with your real flowers, and would even last for a long time making her remember you whenever it glows as she feels mushy within.

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