V Gauge Wine Preserver

vgauge_lgSo you did some celebration and opened a couple of bottles of wine. However, not all of them were finished and a bottle was left half empty. As you might have known, opened wine or “oxidized wine” if you want to be technically correct, doesn’t taste as good as it was when you first opened it. The best way to keep it tasting ts best is to keep it from oxidizing or kept in contact with air such as making the bottle free of air again and that’s what this wine preserver actually does.Yeah I know that refrigerating it can slow down the process but it is still a hit and miss thing.

The V Gauge Wine Preserver is a two component wine saving device, the pump and the stopper. The stainless steel vacuum pump easily attaches to the wine stopper. With just a few pumps, the air would already be out of the bottle. The second component is the wine stopper that has a gauge. The wine stopper prevents air from coming in and the gauge tells you how much your wine has oxidized already.

The air gauge needle is in the red zone when the wine bottle is free or has little air. The blue area of the gauge on the other hand means that air is present in the bottle telling you that your wine has oxidized which also means a guilt free pass to gobble up the remaining wine.

We all know that wasting wine is a sin so stop wasting and start drinking by buying the V Gauge Wine Preserver.

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  1. Poor quality…will not last
    These are excellent at removing air from wine bottles and maintaining the pressure in the bottle. UNFORTUNATELY the rubber flanges on the side of stopper that fits into the bottle are so thin that, after only a few uses, they separate from stopper and render the device useless. I bought extra of these stoppers when I first used them and am now throwing them away one-by-one, as the flanges fall off, until they are gone and then revert back to my Vac-U-Vin system that, while not as effective, is of substantially higher quality and last a long time.

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