UV Disinfectant Wand

uv wandJust going out in the downtown area makes me feel sick already. Pollution here, there and everywhere! No wonder that we have this A(H1N1) virus spreading like a wildfire. So it is a must protecting ourselves from bacteria as much as we can and aside from hand washing, UV light disinfecting can also do!

This UV wand disinfects by flashing intense ultraviolet radiation on the wand’s face (that I like to call the kill zone) which exterminates those microscopic creatures. Just hover it for 10 seconds over the item that you want to disinfect and the germs will die. It is like having an exterminating light scanner that kills anyone that passed by it. You can use it on anything that you like. It could be your keyboard, your cellphone, the doorknob, the TV or even your iPod. Having this tool will make you an exterminator that just hovers the wand on everything that you can think of. For smaller objects, a lot of UV wand can be bought in small sizes and some are even small enough to be used for travel which can give you a more comfortable sleep if you feel they don’t clean your room enough. For objects that are rather big like your bed or the mattress, then there are bigger disinfecting wands that have longer kill zones making each pass manageable for big items.

Get your UV Disinfectant Wand ranging from as cheap as $8 to $200 for bigger wands only at the Geekie Store. I can recommend this one which comes with a big and a small wand for only $58.95.

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