USB-Powered Heinz Beanzawave – World’s Smallest Microwave


Finally, here is a microwave that you can take wherever you go – the USB-powered Heinz Beanzawave! Regarded as the world’s smalles microwave, you can practically bring this cute gadget anywhere, may it be at work, home, or even outdoors. It stands only about 7.4 inches tall and approximately measures 157 x 188 x 150mm, so you can expect it to offer portability at its best.

But, you might ask, “How does this thing work?” Simply connect it to the computer via the humble USB port, and it will automatically use a combination of radio and mobile frequencies to produce the heat needed in cooking or heating up snacks in seconds. Again, question, “What if there is no computer around?” Well, you can always make use of some lithium-ion batteries, pop them in and you’re ready to go.

So, who says you can’t turn your office or home desk into a mini kitchen? With the Heinz Beanzawave, no need to get up or step outside for a bite to eat. It works perfectly with the microwavable Snap Pots, so you can quickly heat and eat a nutritious snack within a minute. And if you are outdoor camping or fishing, this also makes a great company as it allows you to enjoy hot food even on the field.

As for the price, well, this mini microwave costs around $160, quite big for such a small size. Anyway, as of now, this gadget is just a prototype. Heinz will decide whether it’s good to go in the market, depending on the public’s response.

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