USB Cellphone Signal Booster

usbsignalboosterI can feel that our airwaves are seem to be filled with different stuffs to suffice our craving for wireless connectivity. But even in this scenario, we can still find ourselves stuck in one place and not having any single bar of signal on our phone and if we find one it has to be in an inconspicuous place or position. Then make your phones happy and shout with joy filled with signal bars with a pretty much straight forward solution thanks to this USB signal booster.

Unlike other signal boosters, this works with the plug and play mechanism. Just connect the device on a USB slot and can be placed up to 15 feet away from the slot and then let it redistribute the cellphone signal to you and your friends within 5 feet of radius! The included very lengthy cable is perfect to get a faint signal wherever there is. Of course you need even a little signal for this device to redistribute because you cannot redistribute if it doesn’t exist right? Aside from the very obvious benefit to phone users, 3G data card users will also get a more stable connection after having this device installed. Expect around 2-3 bars of signal increase when used.

Enjoy clearer calls, faster and more stable connection with this USB Cellphone Signal Booster which can be bought from the GeekieStore.

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